About Us

Olive Tree Events & Marketing is a company dedicated to hosting and managing local (Australia-wide) and international tours and events for motivational and religious speakers, authors, life coaches, social media personalities, and influencers.

We manage and plan all events and itineraries for our clients and host a number of different events such as workshops, seminars, school visits, camps, and retreats.

Who We Are

Every Olive Tree has a story and this is ours..

Throughout history, the Blessed Olive Tree has always been a transcendent symbol of peace, strength, stability, resilience, and friendship. This is what we at Olive Tree wish to bring to you with our events. We work together to grow your dreams and make your vision a reality from the root.

Through our events, we intend on spreading goodness and knowledge to enrich our communities.

(Surah Nur: 35). The olive tree, one of the blessings of the plant kingdom, not only has nutritional, medicinal, and cosmetic value; it also fulfills a religious function as a sign (ayah) of Allah(SWT). He causes to grow for you thereby the crops, olives, palm trees, grapevines, and from all the fruits.