the sunnah guy

Australia tour 2023

12 - 24 Nov

  • sydney
  • brisbane
  • melbourne

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Olive Tree Events presents “The Battle Within – a lifelong Quest to steadfastness”

In the vast land of Australia, amidst its stunning landscapes and diverse communities, a remarkable journey unfolds, a true story – “The Battle Within” tour, featuring The Sunnah Guy.

This unique tour will shed light on a deeply personal journey of rediscovery and faith.

The Sunnah Guy with his compelling talks on Islam, will embark on this transformative journey, sharing his story of returning to Islam after a period of spiritual turbulence. His tour will resonate with young and old across Australia as he takes us on his lifelong quest to steadfastness to confront the battles that rage within his own soul.

The tour will take him to three major cities Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney emphasizing the importance of self-reflection and the struggle to maintain faith in a complex world.

Olive Tree Events will enrich the community by delivering this tour through engaging events, immersive camps, and a very special movie premiere directed by non other than the Sunnah guy Himself!



Australia Tour 2023

Thesunnahguy (Shoaib Hussain) is an Islamic speaker, influencer, film maker, youth worker and entrepreneur dedicated to helping the next generation discover their religion. He currently has a collective following of over a 1.5 million followers & subscribers and has the fastest growing online presence is the western Muslim space.

His aim and ambition is to become the most influential Muslim speaker & da’ee in the west with a clear focus to guide and help the new generation.

TSG’s involvement in Islamic work goes back to 2011 where he began giving dawah at dawah stalls along with helping to initiate creative projects such as nitemana, an evening for youngsters to have fun in the masjid while learning about about deen. He has been actively involved in his local community delivering reminders, classes and events on a regular basis for the past decade and has mastered the art of connecting with young people.

He is more recently known for being the director and producer of the first ever UK based Islamic film that was shown in cinemas across the nation.

His lofty aspirations and achievements are a testiment to his capabilities and forward thinking nature of how to progress the dawah whilst still holding firm to orthodoxy and core islamic values.

TSG prides himself on having a unique ability to network and connect with people helping grow his influence and reach not just online, but offline as well.

TSGs vision is to connect with dawah groups and organisations in the west with the aim to build a solid network, influencing micro communities and adding value to dawah organisations with his years of experience in the field.
One of the ways he does this is that he invests time with the attendees after his talk for an Informal session, he makes this a condition for his talk as he aims to build long term deep relationships with attendees and dawah leaders to help them in whatever capacity he can.

TSG has been studying on an unofficial basis with Abu Rumaysah who is the student of Abu Abdurrahman and Sheikh Haitham Al Haddad, translator of multiple Islamic publication and chairman of Wycombe Islamic society in High Wycombe.


12-24 NOV

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